Preferred Programs

Credit Lines & Term Loans

Up to $350,000.00

Funds in 4-5 Days

Equipment Lease and Loan Refinance

Collateralized Working Capital

Tap the equity in Commercial Real Estate

Tap the equity in heavy equipment

Working Capital

Unsecured $5,000 to 250,000.00

SBA Loan Processing

7a Up to 10MM with no PG or Collateral

7a Express up to $350,000 with no PG or Collateral

SBA 504 Collater Based Loans

​Focused On Solutions

 Since 2009 the Sentra Funding team has served the business community nationwide by providing Term Loans, Working Capital, Equipment Funding, and other quality bank term loans, commercial real estate, SBA, and Credit Lines.  Sentra Funding helps business owners secure affordable capital that will help with growth today and for years to come.  

Nationwide Conventional Business Loans

SBA 7a, 7a Express, and 504 Loan Processing 

None SBA Conventional Term Loans, Credit Lines

 Bridge Loans and Working Capital

What are the None SBA Term Loan  and Credit Line qualifications?




 Cash Flow Solutions! 

Unlock the options of business financing that will help your business overcome even the most difficult financial challenges. Don't worry if you aren't sure which is the right fit. Many of our clients depend on us to point them toward a solution that fits their situation best. Sometimes the right solution is a combination of custom solutions.