To qualify for this unsecured loan program, applicant must have the following attributes: 1. Ownership must have at least a 620 or higher fico score

2. More than $250,000.00 in annual sales

3. Over 3 Years time in business

4. No Open tax liens

​5. No Bankruptcy in last 5 years

Bank Loans - Recapitalize, Refinance Debt or Purchase inventory.

2-5 and 7-10 Year Terms

Clients looking for options to refinance debt will enjoy the flexibility of a term loan with monthly payments, affordable rates as low as 4.599% on a term loan for well qualified borrowers. 

Additional quality term loans available for applicants with commercial real estate collateral.

Typical requests are for the following: 

1. Business Expansion
2. Working capital or daily operational funding
3.  Equipment Lease Residual Payoff
4.  Payoff of short term working capital debt
5. Cash flow management
6.  Bank Line of Credit balloon payment
7.  Inventory capital