Sentra Funding also offers additional None MCA Programs 

  • Equipment Loans
  • 3-5 Year Term Loans
  • 10 Year SBA and None SBA Loans
  • 10 Year SBA loan with real estate
  • 10 Year SBA loan for tougher credits (610-650)
  • 3-year Collateralized Working Capital - Equipment 
  • 3-year Collateralized Working Capital - Technology Equipment
  • 24 Month Working Capital Loan 
  • 18 Month Working Capital Loan
  • 12 Month Working Capital Loan
  • Cash Out Refinance of Commercial Property (LTV up to 75%)
  • 1-3 Year Interest Only Loans - Real Estate

What we do!

We specialize in converting 1 or more short-term working capital loans, MCA and ACH products into more affordable monthly payments with term loans or longer-term weekly payment options.

How Long does it take to fund?

Less than one business week in most cases.  24-48 hours for a simple refinance.

Why Sentra Funding?

Sentra Funding is committed to helping good clients secure affordable long-term financing solutions quickly and easily

Loan Options

We have up to 120 Month, 10 year Loan options for credit scores as low as 525.  We have simple MCA refinance options as well as conventional business loans for even the most bankable borrower.

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