Working Capital Business Credit

Loans flexible for all credit situations

Sentra Funding is committed to providing you with the best possible financial service available including access to quick and flexible funding for all borrowing needs.

Below is general information about the programs, what we will need from your office to process the request, often allowing you to receive your funds by the end of the same business day or in 3-4 business days.

Bridge Loans (not available in all states)

Bridge Loans are working capital loans of up to $250,000.00. Bridge Loans are ideal for clients who need the capital for a shorter period and expect to pay the loan off earlier, best within first two years.

1. Loan is amortized over 10 years
2. Monthly Payments
3. 1st Payment due AFTER 30 days
4. No Prepayment Penalty
5. Early Payoff is encouraged.
6. Credits accepted as low as 500 Fico Scores.

Limited documentation needed.
1. Last two month bank statements
2. Application completed over the phone
3. Up to $250,000.00 in just a few days.

Working Capital Program

$25,000.00 to $1,000,000.00
(Up to 60 Month Program)
Required Credit Score: 520 FICO or Higher.

​What does Sentra Funding use to qualify my company?

1. Sales Numbers - Best verified through 2015 or 2016 Corporate tax returns
2. Cash Flow - Best verified by last 6-12 month's bank statements
3. Ownership and Business Credit Scores

​What would automatically decline you for a working capital loan?

1. Open Foreclosure or open bankruptcy on the owner or business.
2. More than $200,000.00 in open tax liens that are not on a payment plan

Challenged Credit just aren't a Challenge!

While traditional lenders may decline businesses for a less-than-perfect credit score, we believe small businesses with a consistent daily revenue stream have untapped borrowing potential.

We can help companies, which may have been considered too risky by traditional lenders, qualify for $200,000 where they have been declined by their bank and other business lenders. Sentra Funding does this by extending business credit loans based on your ability to pay versus a score, which respects the recent economic environment (recession) and helps you invest in your future!

The loan may be used to: 
• Expand your business 
• Purchase inventory 
• Upgrade equipment
• Manage seasonality of your cash flow
• Remodel your facility 
• Meet payroll 
• Handle emergencies / tax liabilities

​Working Capital Loan advantages: 
​• Flexibility in terms based on business type and cash flow 
• No hidden fees or late fees 
• Significantly lower rates than typical cash advance programs 
• Fixed payments 
• Helps to build personal and business credit

If your business has at least $150,000 in annual revenues and has a consistent revenues, a working capital loan may be a good alternative for your financing needs.