At Sentra Funding LLC, we focus on helping business owners secure the necessary capital to fund all their business finance needs, regardless of personal or business credit.  Whether you’re looking for unsecured working capital, lines of credit, business loans or project financing we have a business line ready to serve you. Sentra Funding provides business owners of all industries and all credit ratings with access to the capital necessary to fund everything from day-to-day operations, debt consolidation, payroll, and practice acquisitions to special circumstances such as meeting a tax obligation. 

Our goal at Sentra Funding is to give each business owner access to affordable sensible funding that gives you capital to grow today and tomorrow. Your success and future referrals drive our success and only through a relationship built on trust and good products will benefit everyone.

Sentra Funding will utilize its extensive network of lenders, banks, credit unions, private investors, and funding sources to secure funding for your organization in a timely and effective manner. In today's tough credit environment, business owners need someone to take the headache out of funding while saving precious time finding a solution. When you work with Sentra Funding we will get you access to traditional and non-traditional sources of capital quickly and securely without upfront costs. Sentra Funding will not only give you the funding you’re looking for, but also the peace of mind that’s in short supply in today's tough economy.                                                                                                                               
What is the Sentra Funding difference?

Sentra Funding specializes in working capital and unsecured business loans, so we won't tell you that your request for capital is outside the box.

Sentra Funding will fund business owners when their banks say no and other funding sources cannot adequately solve their capital needs.

Call Sentra Funding today for the support and funding you need!What does Sentra Funding provide for its clients?    

Cost effective solutions for all of your capital needs through the following options!  

Bank loans and lines of credit with monthly payments with terms ranging from 3 to 15 years.        

Working Capital (secured & unsecured) short term and long term options    

Contract Financing        

​Bridge Loans 

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